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Real-Life Marketing

All businesses need a marketing strategy - one that‘s current, flexible, and effective.  Especially small and growing businesses. Here’ the dilemma - most small businesses can’t afford a marketing staff.


Silver Phoenix Arts can develop or hone a marketing strategy for your business - specifically for your business. What’s right for your business sector or what’s hot in general may not be valuable to your business.


Social media and content marketing have become trendy and hot. Essential to success. But, social media and content marketing are tools, not strategies. To effectively use these tools you first need a strategy.  “Doing” social media or content marketing without a strategy can waste resources and distract the very customers and clients you want to engage.


Customers and clients don’t want another “trial offer.” And you want clients for the long haul. Create a journey of mutual trust, not opportunistic or deceptive offers.


Don't let a lack of marketing resources or expertise hold you back. Let Silver Phoenix guide you to a practical, real-life marketing strategy.

Inbound and Content Marketing

When you offer to help or educate your target audience, the audience will come to you.  Once engaged with your organization’s content, these visitors become friends who share the values and interests of your company.


And defend the values of your company. If a twit-storm comes around, it helps to have loyal supporters.


These loyal and engaged customers need to be cultivated, and that takes time, effort and patience. But they will be more valuable over the long term than the drive-by customer. In marketing terms, this is called the lifetime value of a customer.


Marketing is a larger concept than sales and advertising. Marketing needs to transcend the  immediate sale, the conversion rate, and the fiscal quarter. You need a "call to friendship" as well as a call to action.


I can help you define and create valuable content that creates friends as well as customers.

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