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Silver Phoenix Arts is not a design firm. I don't do graphic design or high-end web design. Quite a pitch, isn't it?


What Silver Phoenix Arts can do is get a small business - or a dream project - up and running with a straightforward and professional website.


So if you've got the next great product and need to get out there, give me a call. Or if you've got a great business plan but no website, give me a call.


"The secret to getting ahead is getting started."

- Mark Twain


If you have a good looking website but it's not working to attract and engage your customers, I can assess your site's structure and interaction to best recommend a new strategy.


Graphic design is more than art. Good design makes an impact. It conveys rich meaning and feeling. A cluttered or random design defeats itself in an awkward struggle.


Although I don't practice graphic design, I can help you identify a design style to match your marketing and identity.


At the level of a page or web page, design organizes imagery and copy into content. Design communicates your marketing strategy (or lack thereof).  Sound principles of design combined with sound principles of marketing will create a professional and successful image for your organization.


Please take a look at Silver Phoenix Arts' marketing services to better understand why your marketing strategy and your imagery need to be fresh to engage your audience.

Below are a few examples of sites Silver Phoenix Arts has designed and implemented for small (and very small) businesses. Visiting these sites helps them grow, so please do explore...

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"Move forward faster with Silver Phoenix Arts"

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