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Small Business Marketing and Commercial Photography

Effective Marketing   =   Strategy   +   Imagery   +   Copy

Silver Phoenix Arts & Communications specializes in real-life marketing strategy for small businesses, and provides the photography and copywriting services to make your marketing work.

Silver Phoenix Arts' marketing services help you reach your customers with the message that your product is what they want, and your services will solve the problems they don’t want. Real life marketing for small businesses.

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Your image depends on your imagery. Silver Phoenix Arts can make your business, products, and people look good.  Better. Creative imagery is memorable.

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Your images grab attention. Great. Your copy must keep your customer engaged, informed, and sometimes entertained. Care about your copy.  And really care about whether your technical copy is accessible.

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Successful imagery depends on how it is perceived.  Good design ensures the presentation and experience reinforce your marketing strategy. Silver Phoenix Arts designs websites for small businesses. If your needs go beyond my capabilities, I'll let you know (at no charge).

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A marketing strategy without imagery isn't finished, and imagery without a strategy is just photos on a page.

Does your organization have the charge it needs for 2015?

Can't find the time to revisit your marketing efforts?

Let Silver Phoenix Arts rejuvenate your strategy.

Charm your customers so they'll be with you in 2016 and beyond.

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